friday favorites

I'm so glad that Mindy Kaling exists.

I'm in love with this dress (it has scallops, so duh.) I had some modcloth store credit so I had to snatch it up. It came in the mail a couple days ago and I adore it! I really wish more designers would produce the same dress in multiple colors. I would buy every single color if they offered more!

Isn't this neat?! I saw it on Spoonflower's pinterest account but it doesn't link back to an actual fabric to purchase. It would be so neat to make this and have it be a permanent fixture in the yard!

Jelly shoes in one of my favorite colors! I will never get tired of the pastel explosion that hits stores every spring. I practically live for it.

I love these photos that Mary took of an installation in Washington, DC. An artist painted an abandoned church and the result is beyond beautiful! I'm planning a visit to DC this summer and I would love to see this in person!

This is such a cute idea for Easter! Dip strawberries in white chocolate that's tinted with orange food coloring for a carrot-inspired treat!

haha I think this is so funny! Is anyone else a huge Jurassic Park fan? I cannot WAIT until it's re-released in 3D this year. (Speaking of 3D re-releases, was anyone else super bummed that they cancelled The Little Mermaid release? I was looking forward to it so much!!)

Cutest cat shirt ever!!

Technically she wore this to an after party, but Zooey's dress is hands down my favorite from this year's Oscars. I love everything about it.. the pastel flowers, the sheer overlay, the dainty little bow belt. It's just perfect!

These are beach towels printed with vintage magazine covers. So neat!

How amazing is this bathroom?! It kind of reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. This house actually has FIVE bathrooms (!!) and all of them are as amazing as this one. You can see them here.

Arrested Development in lego form. Most awesome thing in the history of ever.