friday favorites

So many of my favorite blogs do friday favorite posts, and it's something I always look forward to each week. I've wanted to do my own for the longest time but always put it on the back burner until I could come up with something other than "friday favorites" for a title...  oh well! ;) Here are some things I really loved this week:

I am so smitten with the summerland lookbook photos! They're so dreamy! (And they're seriously making me want to dye my hair purple) Summerland is celebrating the grand opening of their brick and mortar store in Portland.. I wish so badly I lived on the west coast so I could visit! It's probably going to be a wonderland of loveliness!


I'm not usually a fan of faux-taxidermy just because the real thing weirds me out so much (why exactly would you want a dead animal's head? It's just not a concept I understand) but an animal that's been dead for millions and millions of years somehow seems less offensive and more awesome (I can't explain how my mind works.) Anyway, I think this is one of the coolest things ever and I want one.

I love these cat stickers from Pony People! One of them (shown in the etsy listing) looks like my cat Hubble! :D His one year anniversary is coming up and I might just need to get these to commemorate it..

I love, love, LOVE, love these promotional pictures for the new season of Mad Men!! They remind me of candid Rat Pack photos. Also: WHOA to Pete Campbell's sideburns.

This might just be the neatest behind-the-scenes photo of any tv show ever. When I was little I wanted so badly to live in Jeannie's bottle! Ok, I still kind of do.

Now that I'm saving up for my first house I'm gathering decorating inspiration like crazy. I probably won't have my down payment saved for at least another year or two but that doesn't mean I can't start planning now! This would basically be my dream kitchen! I love the touches of mint and fun retro fabrics!

I have a floral collar DIY guest post on Kati's blog, Almost Stylish. I'm so happy she asked me to guest post because her blog is definitely a new favorite now!

Finally, this short animation from Disney is just so sweet and well-done. I love everything about it.. the color palette, the music, the story, the expressions. Also doesn't the guy look kind of like John Krasinski?