february desktop calendar

Here is my February desktop calendar! I'm going with the same technique of adding illustration details over a photograph... I think I'll probably stick with that for all of 2013 and then try something new next year maybe? This one is obviously valentine's day themed. I'm kind of obsessed with those little candy hearts and keep some on display in a jar in my room all year long! They're just so pretty ;) Yesterday I actually found candy heart plates at Michaels! They're heart-shaped and pastel with phrases like "love bug" and "hug me" ... basically the cutest plates ever. I got six and stashed them away for my future home, where they'll be in use all year long, of course! ;)

If you'd like to download the calendar, here are some desktop sizes. Just right-click and save!

1280 x 1024 // 1600 x 1200 // 1680 x 1050 // 1920 x 1080 // 1920 x 1200 // 2560 x 1440