sweet & lovely shop update

I added some new items to the sweet and lovely shop last night! Just some more cute wooden brooches -- a cat, a tulip, a tooth and a restock on the dinosaurs! rawr! Pretty soon the fox bags, carousel necklaces and hot air balloon necklaces will all be back in the shop too! Something to keep in mind when you get cash for Christmas maybe? ;)

Also I only have enough supplies left to make two more Book Fair kits, and then they'll be out of stock. They're currently on sale for $10. I'm really not sure if I'll be restocking them again so if you were interested in getting one, now would be the time! The whole book fair experiment sort of fell flat, but it's still one of my favorite projects ever. I'm not sure yet if/when I'll decide to restock them but I do think I'd like to at some point... even if they just sit there in the shop and never sell, I think I like the idea of them being *out there* .. available just in case anyone happens to like the idea as much as I did :)

ps. Storenvy was supposed to be down late last night into early this morning but it looks like their maintenance is taking longer than expected and as of 1:30pm they're still down. argh! Hopefully if you wanted to purchase anything or take a look around, you'll remember and come back later tonight when the site is back up? :)