awkward call for sponsors..

First, how cute is this guy? It's been way too long since I shared any cat photos here, I think. I've gotten so many amazing ones lately too! They've all been looking directly into the camera for me... I feel like I won the lottery or something! A picture-heavy post will definitely be coming soon lol ;)

And now for this whole awkward sponsorship topic -- if you're interested in advertising on my blog, you can get rates, statistics, traffic, etc. on my sponsorship page here. The featured ad is still open for November and December (the best months for it, since it's shopping season!) so if that tickles your fancy you can reserve it now. All ads run for 30 days, or you can buy 3 consecutive 30-day spots for 20% off. Just change the quantity to "3" and use code 3MONTHS.

I'll be doing another sponsor gift guide this year (you can see last year's gift guide here) except this time I'm doing two! One in the middle of November, and one at the beginning of December. All November & December sponsors will be able to participate, so if you buy an ad now you'll have the option to be included in the November post. I'll be e-mailing everyone with more details the first week in November.

I think that about does it! *end awkwardness* I've had a busy day so I'm going to go catch up on some tv shows I missed this week and possibly take a little nap :) Happy weekend!