the awkward call for sponsors...

It's time for the uncomfortable sponsor call again... This is the only post I do monthly, and it always alerts me to how fast time is passing. September already?! Usually I get a little gloomy about time speeding by but seeing as how I LOVE LOVE LOVE autumn, I'm pleased as punch that September is right around the corner! ;)

If you're interested in sponsoring my blog (thank you!) you can take a look at my rates, traffic, statistics, etc. on my advertising page here! You can also purchase a spot on said page, as well. If I approve your ad it will go up right away, or as soon as there is an opening, and then it stays up for 30 days. Simple as pie! (ooh, pumpkin pie... apple pie...)

You can take 10% off with code AUG10 if you purchase an ad before August 27th. And if you'd like to purchase 3 consecutive 30 day spots, you can take 20% off with code 3MONTHS! :)

ps. The featured spot is reserved through October but you can book it for November and December now. That's probably the absolute best month to have it if you own a shop since it's prime holiday shopping time! :D