I haven't done one of these in a while so I thought it was about time.. especially since there are some precious cat photos in this batch that I never got to share here lol! ;D

1. fooling around with embroidery (available here)
2. they are killing me with their cuteness.
3. I taped Creed to a pizza box that I shipped to Millie
4. SUCH a weird cat! seriously.
5. free slurpee day! (July 11)
6. on the way to the beach
7. at the beach ;)
8. new brooches in the shop!
9. my new fantastic pink clock
10. hypatia modeling my new pendants (in the shop here)
11. watermelon nails! :D
12. my unicorn dress (more pictures here)
13. the 4th of july (morningstar fake meat = YUM!)
14. Chloe looking cute, with a dose of "I'm going to kill you."