wednesday in new york

A couple weeks ago, me and Amber met in real life! We've been internet friends for a while now, but never actually met until this month. Amber was visiting family in Philadelphia, and popped over to New Jersey so we could take the train up to NYC for the day! My mom tagged along, and we all had a really fantastic time! I wish she lived closer so we could do this more often :)

We used up a couple of disposable cameras, and I finally got around to scanning the prints this week! Here are some of our favorites! (Oh and ps. I redesigned her blog as a birthday present! You can take a peek here!! :)

Amber and my mom looking at nail polish.. they both painted one nail (and my mom's is STILL on and hasn't chipped! I want to go back and buy some now if it holds up that well!)

We both purchased won Dundie Awards at the NBC store, and practiced our acceptance expressions over dinner at a little restaurant nearby.

This was the first Topshop visit for both of us -- and oh my gosh what an amazing experience! If you need another size, they actually go out on the floor to get it for you while you wait in the dressing room. I felt like a princess! I ended up getting the frilly skirt & scalloped shirt in the picture, along with a minty green hair bow.

Amber's first time hailing a cab.. or at least trying to! lol!

Kate: dress - modcloth | sweater - old navy | shoes - asos | bag - modcloth
Amber: dress - h&m | shoes - flea market | bag - grandmother's