Flapper Doodle update!

I've added some new items to Flapper Doodle over the last week! I always seem to do this in spurts... I'll go months without adding anything new, and then boom! 4 new products!

First is something that's been on my to do list for over a year -- personalized Save the Date cards! Every single time that I sell the print of this couple a little light bulb flickers in my brain that says "make the cards!" but I kept putting it off, until this weekend. They're available pre-printed in packs of 10, or as a digital file that you can print from home.

My second-biggest seller is my personalized bridesmaid cards, so I thought it would be a neat idea to make pendants too! They can be little "thank you" keepsakes, or they can be used to ask the question. The hair color, hair style, skin color and dress color are all customized as well as the text on the card. They're available here.

My biggest seller is my BFF merchandise, mainly the pendant sets -- I've had quite a few requests to change those into earrings, though, so I decided to just make them a staple in my shop now. I love when customer requests turn into new products... sometimes they come up with great ideas that I never would have thought of myself! :) They're available here!

Oh my gosh more pendants ;D These are custom pendants -- basically you can choose any illustration from my shop and I'll turn it into a pendant! They're available here.

As always, if you're thinking about buying anything you can take 10% off with the code BRILLIANT :)