summer sponsorship rates

Hi... just a little note to let anyone who's interested know that I lowered my sponsorship rates a bit for summer. Small is $5, Medium is $10, Large is $20 and Extra large is $35. If you'd like to book 3 months at once you can also take 20% off with the code 3MONTHS :) You can view my statistics and purchase ad spots on my sponsorship page here. If you'd prefer to purchase an ad via email, my address is

Ok, I just have to ask. Do any other bloggers feel ridiculously uncomfortable doing posts like this? I know it's necessary but hitting 'publish' on these awkward posts causes me so much anxiety! I feel like I'm a used car salesman or something. I know I'm being silly, but seriously I give myself so much grief over sponsorship posts, it's absurd. I feel the same way whenever I do shop updates for Flapper Doodle or The Book Fair which is equally silly since I know I should be excited and proud (in a totally humble way of course) to share my new products with you! Blah. Anyway. If there's a self help group for awkward bloggers who die a little death every time they have to do any form of self promotion, sign me up.