The Fashions of Dr. Holly Marten

Greetings, Scathingly Brilliant friends! Casey of Noir Girl here, filling in for Kate as she takes a short break from blogging.

I wanted to take a moment to appreciate the fantastic fashion sense of Dr. Holly Marten of Eureka (played by the geekdom superstar, Miss Felicia Day). If you're as big a fan of Eureka as Kate and I, you'll understand why this is especially relevant today.Holly's look is characterized by layering. She often tops unusual print dresses with colored sweaters - much like a certain pink-haired blogger we all love!

Kate would never forgive me if I wrote a Eureka-themed post and did not include a photo of Jack Carter.
This outfit reminds me of the dress that inspired Kate to create this DIY.
This photo was part of a running joke the cast of Eureka played while the cameras weren't rolling. The big stuffed dog always ended up in crazy situations with everyone dumbfounded as to how he got there.

And if you just can't get enough Felicia Day - check out her brand new YouTube channel: Geek and Sundry.