Ten Ways to Fix a Bad Day

Hello friends; this is Amber from Laughing With Broken Eyes. There's been a death in Kate's family, so I'm stepping in with today's post.

In the midst of this, I thought that a post of ways to improve a bad day would make for some simple and hopefully helpful entertainment.

Ten Ways to Fix a Bad Day

for those of you who are having one of those days.

1) Ice cream! I know it’s so cliché, but licking up a scoop of mint chocolate chip under the sun makes me feel like a little kid again, back when life seemed so simple..

2) Call a friend and complain. We let things build and build, and sometimes, just saying what’s upsetting you can help you feel so much better. I know I’ve had days where the world seemed to have a personal vendetta against me. I called one of my best friends and just complained about everything I was upset about. By saying it outloud, I realized how silly most of it was. What didn’t seem silly, my friend was able to provide insight on. (This goes both ways—be there for your friends as well).

3) Watch ‘Heathers’. That movie is gold.

4) Go online to your favorite retail store and spend some time going through everything on the site. Add everything you want to your cart.. and then close out! You’ll feel no guilt since you didn’t actually buy anything, but you still get the adrenaline of ooh-la-la shopping.

5) Take some time to yourself. Take your favorite book to the local coffee shop, bring your sketchpad to your favorite park, take a brisk walk off the beaten path. Being alone with your thoughts is the ultimate way to recharge.

6) Have a glam night. I wrote about channeling your inner bombshell a while ago—but take some time to make yourself feel beautiful, physically, emotionally, mentally.

7) Dance! I’m serious! Crank up some obnoxious music and just dance! Your mood will instantly improve.

8) Watch one of your favorite TV shows. Most classic shows are on Netflix, hulu, youtube, etc.

9) Do something you’ve never done before. I think it’s great to have a list of random things you want to try. By doing something you’ve never done before, you’re changing the way that particular day will be remembered. Instead of Tuesday being the day you failed your English exam and lost your favorite jacket, it’ll be the day that you went rock-climbing for the first time, etc. (You get my point)

10) Remember that tomorrow is a new day.

I know that none of these tips are revolutionary, but on rotten days, a smile really goes a long way. Just remember that everyone has bad days—the bad days just make the good days even sweeter. The sun will rise again. What seems insurmountable by evening will lighten up by morning-- I promise.

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Please be sure to keep Kate and her family in your thoughts.