My brother made this video yesterday and I had to share it! If you've ever had a big project to finish and procrastinated, you'll probably get a kick out of it! :) He's a film major in college, but he's planning on working for the railroad when he graduates. I hope (if I can't convince him to try to make it big in Hollywood) that he at least continues as a hobby because he's just SO good at filmmaking it would be a crying shame if he stopped.

If you have some free time to kill (maybe you want to procrastinate? lol) you should really watch this home video I uploaded on my channel from when Kyle was little. For my mom's birthday that year I gave her Kyle being seven on film forever. I asked him some questions (favorite color? rainbow.) and he burst into a song that, according to him, he wrote in 1948. With a regular kid it would be cute, but with Kyle it's cute and super hilarious. I'm 99.9% sure that it will be totally amusing even if you aren't a member of my family lol :) You can watch that here!