the awkward call for sponsors

I thought I'd start posting some awkward outtakes to go with these posts. In this one I think I must have been whistling at one of my cats when the timer went off, which accounts for the funny face ;p

Anyway! I'm now accepting sponsors for April, and if you buy a spot before March 25th you can take 10% off with the code APRIL10. Also, there's a little bonus for sponsoring in April this year. I'm taking one week off from blogging/email/twitter... basically everything besides my etsy shop next month, so to make up for my blog being quiet for a quarter of your sponsorship, I'm extending all April sponsorships for the full month of May* Long story short: if you buy a spot for April, it will stay up until the end of May.

If you're interested, you can view my stats and traffic and all that stuff here, or you can go ahead and purchase ad space in my shop here.

And now here is a funny cat gif to make up for the awkwardness! Enjoy!

*If you purchase a 3 month package, it will last for 4 months.