The awkward call for sponsors

Whoa this year is flying by... I can't believe it's already time for an awkward call for March sponsors!! If you're interested in sponsoring my blog next month, first of all, thank you! Second of all, you can check out the traffic, statistics and all that jazz over on my sponsor page. Third of all, you can buy a spot in my new handy dandy super easy storenvy shop!

Oh, and two more things! If you purchase before February 26th you can use coupon code MAR10 at checkout to get 10% off. AND starting in March I'm offering one big featured ad spot at the top (even above my little flapper doodle ad) that comes with the option to do a giveaway & a featured post, interview or guest post. There's only going to be one each month, though, so if you're interested book it right away. (Update: The featured ad for March is sold out, so the next available spot is April, which you can purchase here.)

Okay, now to make up for awkward city, here's a gif of a cat flying through outer space.