A Scathingly Brilliant gift guide!

I asked my sponsors to help me out with a little Scathingly Brilliant Gift Guide to get you started on your weekend Christmas shopping! :) They had the option to spotlight some items from their shop, or to create a holiday wishlist. I love what everyone came up with -- I already spotted a few things that are going on *my* wishlist too! :D Oh, and make sure to look carefully, there are quite a few exceptional coupon codes sprinkled throughout this post!! :)

Shop: Sweetest Love
Coupon Code: PINKSANTA for free shipping on domestic orders!

"Inspired by cupcakes, watercolor paints, and the color pink, Sweetest Love is a line of thoughtful greeting cards and adorable prints. Whether it's a lovely thank you card or a personalized name print, we have something sweet for your loved ones!"

Shop: Susannahbean Handmade
Coupon Code: SCATHINGLY11 for 10% off!

"My name is Susannah Bean, and I make little pretties to keep you warm and adorable all winter long. I also make crocheted jewelry that would make a great gift for the lovely ladies in your life. I'm excited to offer 10% off to all Scathingly Brilliant readers for the month of December! Stop by and say hi, and happy shopping!"

Shop: Staunch Studio
"In a nutshell, I recycle scrap wood into new and bold abstract paintings."

Shop: Printed Peaks

"I created my shop recently this year because I had moved away from my first and always home, Vermont. I missed the rural landscape and all the people in it and decided to open a shop centered around abstract images of that beloved landscape. And so Printed Peaks was born and it continues to evolve. All Printed Peaks necklaces and bracelets are made by me from wood, leather, or vintage scarves."

Shop: Marissa B
Coupon Code: SB1211 for 10% off during the month of December!

"Marissa B. has been designing up-scaled fashion jewelry since 2002. Her collection of earrings, bracelets and necklaces is a fresh take on handmade jewelry and reflects a modern artistic style. From her Boston-based studio, Marissa works with a delicious array of colorful semiprecious gems and metals."

Shop: Jojo's Retro and Vintage
Coupon Code: BRILLIANT10 for 10% off!

"Jojo's is an online vintage boutique where you'll find real vintage from the 40s-80s. Jojo's specializes in pristine wearable vintage with classic silhouettes in every day wear as well as formals. Affordable pricing with layaway and gift certificates available for the holidays!"

Blog: Tales for Karina

"I'm a 23-year old executive assistant by day, and by night, I'm a violinist/vocalist, part-time Journalism student, a crafter, a folk-bluegrass lover, a film-buff, and a subscriber to Vogue since I was 15 years old.I started Tales for Karina Marie with a different name about a year ago. I wasn't completely committed to it, and it was completely directionless. A little less than two months ago, my best friend died in a tragic car accident. I felt a push towards the blogging community and decided to immerse myself into it full-time It has been extremely therapeutic, and it is starting to grow rather rapidly. Right now, I'm focusing Tales for Karina Marie more from a personal/lifestyle aspect, along with crafting and outfit posts. I'm REALLY trying to find my voice in the blogging world, and in the "real world" I am an extremely honest and frank person. I am finding it difficult to share anything too personal or close to my heart right now. Hopefully that will change eventually. Gah! Stay tuned."

1. I REALLY want some tights from We Love Colors
2. My momma is buying me a tripod for my camera which I'm SUPER pumped about!
3. Family Peace- My family has been going through a rough division, and my wish is for peace and love among us.

Shop: Under the Shade of a Bonsai Tree
Coupon Code: Brilliant15 for 15% off!

"A variety of jewellery items made from designs laser cut from Tasmanian myrtle and oak combined with brightly coloured acrylic, Japanese papers and sweet resin birds and flowers. Vibrant, bold and a little bit quirky!"

Shop: This Enchanted Pixie
Coupon Code: SCATHINGLYBRILLIANT for 20% off!

"A collection of handmade bohemian jewellery and clothing for the free spirited. A flower child at heart, my creations are inspired by birds, flowers, leaves and earthy colours."

Blog: Time After Tea

"A blog about outfits and travel and all of life’s other little adventures in between. For me Christmas gifts are all about spoiling people; picking out things that they wouldn’t usually buy for themselves. For me this year my wishlist is all about sparkles…."

1. Starlight Crown from Crown and Glory
2. Fab-Fetti Heels from Modcloth

Blog: Lilac & Lace

"Hi there! My name is Heather and I am a blogging, burger-loving, bad-ass ballerina. I write a blog called Lilac and Lace, which focuses on my life in Los Angeles with my Irish hubby. It's my personal, digital space for sharing my daily adventures, failed fashion attempts, artistic endeavors and a very serious quest for the perfect burger in the City of Angels. I dance in several regional dance companies, dabble in film-making, and I love finding new blogs to read! I do have a severely ignored etsy shop where I share the things I enjoy making, such as tutus, hair accessories and yarn wreaths. I love 1950's fashion, 1940's films and the music of George Gershwin...Let's be friends!"

1. This happy dress from Modcloth
2. This Camera
3. These adorable sunglasses from Tumbleweeds

Site: Chantilly Songs

"Chantilly is your friendly neighborhood crazy cat lady/ singer-songwriter. She just made a magical new set of recordings, and is trying to raise funds for it via kickstarter. This holiday, you can gift someone with music, tote bags, online personal shopper services, or all of the above! All while helping a starving artist achieve her dream. "

Shop: My Hideaway
Coupon Code: BRILLIANT for 15% off, this weekend only! Expires Sunday night.

"Handmade felt animal brooches, flower brooches, vintage earrings, Christmas ornaments, illustrated journals & one of a kind accessories."

Shop: Moorea Seal
Coupon Code: BRILLIANT for 10% off!

"Handmade modern bohemian jewelry inspired by the magical mixture of Northwestern mountains and cities."

Shop: The Dolls Cabinet

"My blog it's my little online space, where I can upload everything that I love or inspiration for all dream girls I love to help others, to search new art, stores, and more. Recently bloggin it´s like a fun job, because also Ï like to show my creativity and my work at my etsy shop, The Dolls Cabinet"

Shop: Local Honey

"Local Honey is a place for all things sweet + handmade for you and your home!"

Blog: Cheeky Cheeky

"I'm Carmen and I blog over at Cheeky Cheeky, an online universe full of giggles, music obsessions, funny little writing pieces, top 5 lists, recipe recommendations, outfit attempts, life adventures and lots of sass. I'm in the process of launching my very own online vintage shop, so stop by and say hi!"

1. This year, I'm asking Santa for mostly things technology related! I can't stop perusing Society6 iPhone cases. I'm hoping to find this pretty design by Norman Duenas in my stocking this year.
2. Another item I'm hoping to find under the tree this Christmas are these red Urbanears Plattan headphones. The perfect pop of color for any music fiend like me!
3. The last item on my wishlist this holiday season is this cute mustard yellow vintage bag from Salvage Life on Etsy. The perfect size to hold my laptop, camera and all of my other crap. Plus, mustard yellow is my absolute favorite color!

Blog: Laughing with Broken Eyes

"My name is Amber Rose. My blog is a fashion blog (although in its infancy) inflected with poetry, words, thoughts, and the things that make me smile, stop and say 'how lovely'.. the things I want myself surrounded with! I feel that taking the time to surround yourself (albeit web-based) in a pleasant environment, taking the time to wear those nice shoes, wear your pearls and lipstick.. well, that's all we can strive for! I try to embrace the little lovely things in a day and to me, my blog is a reflection on that."

1. With winter in the air and the crisp leaves beneath my shoes, there is nothing quite like a warm blanket and a cup of coffee. My holiday wishlist is quite simple this year, consisting of the perfect coffee mug (is this not the most creative thing ever?)
2. A rich supply of my favorite coffee (mm, the smell in the morning makes leaving the warmth of a cozy bed a bit more manageable)
3. And of course the perfect outfit to toss on upon a dash across campus to French class (dress // shoes // tights // coat, all from modcloth)...unless I stay in bed all day, which is a very real possibility!

Blog: Take Hart

"Hi, I'm Stephanie and I run Take-Hart; a mix up of anything and everything that brings personal style, marriage, photography, and all things pretty to one cozy little internet space. "

1. Alpine leggings
2. American gothic sweater
3. Blowfish Jack's in tan