I bought this coat last year, my biggest splurge ever ($550, and that was at 20% off!) I love the coat so much, but it's always been a little too big for me, and too long... and my grandmom bought me a new one for Christmas that I like better, lol ;) Anyway, I want to sell it but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to unload something so expensive, since I'm used to selling $20 dresses and $5 art prints ;p So, I'm just listing it here...

The coat is Diane Von Furstenberg, and it's a size 10. It's in like-new condition. It's definitely not for petites. You can see photos of how it fit me here. It's $450 including shipping and insurance (US only). I'd mail it right away so you'd definitely get it in time for Christmas!

I bought this coat in November, and I accidentally bought it 2 sizes too big. I tried taking it to a tailor, but they said they can't take in the shoulders (my main issue) and it's too heavy to warrant paying for international shipping to send it back. It's a super cute coat though, and such a pretty color! It's from ASOS, a size US12 and it's in perfect condition, new with tags! It cost me $157. I'm selling it for $100 including shipping (US only). I'd mail it right away so you could give it as a gift (or wear it on) Christmas ;)

ps. I have a couple more things in my shop my closet store, too :)