the awkward call for sponsors

It's that time of the month again... the awkward semi-embarrassing call for sponsors! Hooray! ;)

If you've been viewing my blog in a reader for the last few weeks you might have missed my little sidebar facelift, but I re-arranged things so that more sponsors are above the fold, so to speak, and I also added a new XL ad size!

I'm really excited about the things I have planned for Scathingly Brilliant in 2012! I purchased a little weekly planner and I'm already having so much fun scheduling all of my weekly features, DIY projects and (super exciting) giveaways ahead of time! Also starting in January all sponsors will have the option to participate in a sponsor post once a month. It's a little different from normal sponsor introduction posts. You get to select one of my normal features (The Melody Lingers on, Style Idol, Wishlist Wednesday or Star Stuff) and do your own! You can also include links and a little paragraph about your blog/shop! It'll be really fun! :)

SO ANYWAY, if you're interested, I have details on the sizes, rates, statistics and traffic on my sponsorship page HERE. If you're not interested or found this post annoying, here is a cute cat video to make it up to you :)