Disney: part 2

Here is my trip video! The music is from a cd I bought in Disney World that's sort of a soundtrack from the parks... it includes music from the rides & the music they play throughout Disney World. It's so magical!

I'm having huge vacation withdrawal right now. ahh! It's hard to watch my video and look at the photos because I just want to be back there again so badly. The real world should be more like Disney World... we should all live in a place where sweet music is drifting through the air at all times, there are gorgeous fireworks every night, people sell balloons on every corner and whenever you are in the mood for a churro, someone nearby is pushing a cart filled with them.

ps. The video of the fireworks from inside the castle starts around 2:00. I know the video is sort of long so if you only wanted to watch that part, you can just fast forward. Also, me and Kyle wave at the camera A LOT. We kept taking little videos and sending them back to our parents, and this video is sort of splicing all those little videos together.