the awkward call for sponsors

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting sponsor calls this week and I thought maybe I should too. I know you're probably thinking to yourself, "Kate, if all the other bloggers jumped off a bridge, would you do that too?? huh??" and my answer is no! Of course not! Unless, of course, there was a drowning cat or a large supply of grapefruit juice that I could save.

In this case, though, I thought since I really don't do these often it wouldn't hurt. Also, I haven't changed my rates since I first started accepting sponsors in March and my statistics have changed dramatically since then, so December will be the last month with these rates; they'll increase a wee bit (not a lot, promise!) in January.

Also, all sponsors in December with shops will have the opportunity to participate in a little Scathingly Brilliant gift guide. You can submit 1-2 items for inclusion, and the post will go up in early December -- prime Christmas shopping time! (but you don't have to have a shop to sponsor!)

SO ANYWAY, if you're interested, I have details on the sizes, rates, statistics and traffic on my sponsorship page HERE. If you're not interested or found this post annoying, I'm super sorry. Chloe made me do it!