the melody lingers on

bela lugosi's dead by bauhaus // image via seabelly

I thought this was pretty fitting for Halloween! ;) On the subject of Bauhaus, my dad is a HUGE Peter Murphy fan (like, probably his biggest fan ever) so he's been playing his new ep The Secret Bees of Ninth over and over again non-stop for the last week. Especially the song "Gaslit" which is growing on me. It reminds me a lot of the music from Twin Peaks, although my dad (who, admittedly, has a much more extensive knowledge of music than I do) says it's very Brian Eno-ish. Either way, it's pretty good! I couldn't find the studio version on youtube, but he recorded it for a radio broadcast a couple months ago and it sounds the same (just with a little talking at the beginning) so have a listen! You'll make my dad very happy if you do ;)