the melody lingers on

The Body of an American by The Pogues // image via doctorpinky

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I often listen to the same song (or 4-5 songs) on repeat for weeks, and weeks, and weeks. I have almost 9,000 songs in my itunes library and yet when I sort them by most played, there are less than 100 that have play counts over 50! I just get SO hooked on songs, I can't help but play them over and over again, and I hardly ever get bored with them. So this weekly feature is a challenge for me, sometimes! I keep wanting to share what I'm currently listening to, but that would result in the same exact songs being featured every week, haha!

As much as I love music, I really tend to only listen to my very very favorite bands/singers, to the exclusion of all the other artists that I adore! It's so hard not posting The Pogues, Marianne Faithfull or Bryan Ferry every single time I want to share a song on my blog, lol :)

This week I had to break down, though. I'm just so obsessed with this song! The play count is steadily rising in itunes...